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Official USA Karate Logoware is now available for purchase at Land's End. To order USA Karate logoware go to USA Karate Logoware Store. This logo can be put on many different items. Land's End representatives are available to help you to make sure the logo can appropriately be put on the items you desire. Shirts and bags should not be a problem and the logo will go nicely on most jackets. You can also add up to three lines of text below the logo as a monogram. You can monogram your initials, name, the words referee, coach, official, judge, etc or a combination. The maximum size is 10 letters per line including spaces and the size of the text will change depending on how many letters or lines. There is an extra cost for the monogramming. You are not limited in what you purchase or the colors you desire. For referees and officials, the official optional uniform is the Short Sleeve Banded Mesh Polo in black.

Look for the USA Karate Sanction or Certification Logo as a sign of quality education and experience in the martial arts.

40th National USA Karate Championships

and International Open Championships

USAKF National Team Selection

Sunday November 16, 2014

Please note the time of the event has changed. Please click here for updated information.

The only official karate sports championships that is recognized by The USA Karate Federation , USA Karate Foundation, International Kwanmukan and the World Kobudokan. This elite event is being held at the Pinnacle, Sports Center in Twinsburg, Ohio 44087. Competition for all all ages and sexes in Kata, Kumite, Weapons Kata, and Chanbara will be held. In addition, there will be team competition for Kata, Kumite and Weapons Kata. Prior to the event there will be a Referee Course on Saturday at Hickey Karate Center 4540 Stow Road Stow, Ohio, in preparation for Sunday's Competition. Athletes who pre-register on-line will receive a free championship t-shirt.


GEAR: USAKF provides no competitor gear. All competitors must bring handpads, headgear, groin cup (males) and both a blue belt and a red belt. This will be needed for both kata and kumite competition. We will not require that competitors have both red and blue gloves, etc., however you are encouraged to do so. Please have head gear available in case insurance requires it. Kata will be scored using score cards.

Chanbara GEAR: All chanbara competitors are required to have their own chanbara gear.

Any questions, please email the national office.

Eligibility: This event is open to both US and non-US citizens.

Rules: USAKF follows the WUKF Rules except where amended and may use a different referee system to apply those rules. Age and skill divisions follow USAKF rules and regulations for national events.

Referees: The USA Karate Federation uses only certified and trained referees for its competitions. There will be a 1-day Referee Course Saturday before the championships. The cost will be $30 for the course. Cost of the testing and additonal certification for those requesting grading or upgrading is $75 additional. Certified referees can recertify (update). Referee white books are $25 and will be available at the course. The course will he held at Hickey Karate Center 4540 Stow Road Stow, Ohio 44224.

Awards: This year The USA Karate Federation will give out trophies for first place and beautiful USA Karate Championship medallions will be awarded for second and third places. In addition, all competitors will receive outstanding certificates of participation. The coveted Karate All American Awards for will be awarded at the National Championships to all first place winners.

Registration: We suggest that you complete your registration on-line or send your application by regular mail to assure that you entry is received. If confirmation is desired, please send self-addressed stamped envelope. Do not send any mail requiring return receipt as no one is available during the day to receive that mail and your mail will be delayed or returned by the post office if we cannot get there to pick it up.

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